Soho House

SOHO House
Client : SOHO House - Amsterdam
Product(s) : Big Soho
Project Summary : We have worked over 1 year to create 40x40cm out door sand blasted tile production. The pattern was created by Soho House. The colours are dark blue and white with stiped geometric design. Tiles were sent out to a test for slip and frost resistance. Tiles were inserted on raised platforms by leaving 10 cm from each corner.

SOHO House Amsterdam
SOHO House Amsterdam, Installation

Big Soho Encaustic Cement Tile - Single

Big Soho Encaustic Cement Tile - 2x2

Client : SOHO House - Greek Street
Product(s) : Red Dots
Project Summary : Special bumpy moulds were produced as per Soho House Designers created. Tiles had to be very anti slippery and suitable for out doors. Total area is 200 square meter. All the tiles are hand made and hand cut from 40x40cm moulds.

SOHO House Greek Street
SOHO House Greek Street, Installation

Red Dots - Single

Red Dots - 8x2