5 Home Improvement Ideas using Encaustic and Terrazzo Tiles for 2018

In 2018 the use of tiles in the home is going to be even more popular than ever before, as trends we’ve seen begin to rise over the last several years start to reach their peak, such as art deco styling, geometric patterns and the return to a classic decor look, over the post-modern home design trend that has ruled the roost, is dethroned.

Here at Otto Tiles & Design we pride ourselves in crafting authentic handmade cement tiles using the traditional methods passed down by Turkish and Moroccan tilers for generations and from our design base in what was the heart of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, to our creative showrooms in London and Zurich we can provide you with exactly the design and style you’re looking for to make your home the luxury setting you deserve it to be.

In this guide, our master designers will take a look at five of the most trending tiling ideas to utilise in your home this year.

  1. Let’s start with the big one ‘Terrazzo Tiles’, the terrazzo flooring trend has been back in fashion for the last couple years, feeling like both a throwback to the art deco era of the 1920s and yet the freshest design concept we’ve seen in years. And with it has come the creation of terrazzo tiles, providing the terrazzo effect but with a much easier installation method and at a lower price line. Through 2018 we’ll see Terrazzo tiles creep from a design on the bathroom floor to being used on the walls and in our kitchens, both as flooring and beautifully crafted backsplashes.

  2. The beautiful thing about cement tiles is that they look beautiful in your home, not only because of the fantastic design ideas that you can create with them but because you can clearly see the hours of time and commitment that have been put into the craft by hand these individual little pieces of artwork. And as we head into a more classic era of home design, maybe to counteract the rapid pace in which the technology we surround ourselves with is advancing, that the simple handmade design of encaustic tiles is something that we’ll be craving in our next home improvement project.

  3. 2018 as it takes us back to that art deco era of design will see a resurgence of geometric patterns used around the home, from bathroom walls to kitchen floors, and encaustic patterned cement tiles, featuring geometric patterns will be all the rage, providing a subtle change from the Moroccan and Venetian patterns that have influenced our home tiling projects over the last couple years. These geometric patterns may come in the simple design of contrasting black and white geometric tiles, though expect to see a trend of bold colours and wild geometric design creations.

  4. The backsplash a feature of most home’s kitchens and bathrooms, will become a space used to draw attention and brighten the home, be it by using intricate patterns, formed of geometric shapes as mentioned above, Mediterranean styles to give your kitchen that warm foodie vibe, or utilising a mix of patterned encaustic tiles to create a unique quilted look. All of which ensures your splashback is a focal point of the room.

  5. Speaking of focal point features in your home, just as tiles are seeing a resurgence, so is the classic heart of the living space – the fireplace. And as it does, so we’ll see, as through the eras have gone by, that its design resurgence will be supported by the addition of beautifully crafted tiles. The properties of encaustic cement tiles make them perfect for being used around the fireplace, as they are resilient and hardwearing, ageing perfectly, ensuring you never need to worry about their wear and tear.