About Bejmat

Bejmat is a traditional Moroccan tile handcrafted with non-refined natural clay from the Fez region. It is a low-fired terracotta that may be used for all applications, including floor/wall, interior/exterior and water exposure (such as pools). Bejmat owes it distinctive appearance to slight variations in size, color and other imperfections.

Each Tile is Unique

Each Bejmat tile is unique, with color variation between each tile. This variation is due to the ancient glazing process and variations in the raw materials. The process of firing Bejmat tiles often causes crazing on the surface of the glazed tiles. Crazing is a common occurrence in handmade tiles that produces an intricate network of small hairline cracks. Bejmat tiles are hand chiseled and therefore size variation is common. Be prepared for some variation in width, length and thickness.


Due to the raw materials and timeless methods of making Bejmat tiles you will receive tiles that are pitted through the glaze and about 20% of which will contain cracks, crazing and edge-chipping. These tiles are perfectly fine to be installed and will give the traditional Bejmat finish. If you don’t wish to have these imperfections, we recommend ordering 20%-30% more tiles.