Discover the most recent addition to our Turkish cement tile collections.

These beautifully designed handcrafted floor tiles feature an anti-slip surface and a weathered, antique look. They are ideal for use in outside patios and walkways, as well as for steps and spaces with high transit where non-slip safety is an additional benefit.

The surfaces of these Vintage tiles areĀ matt finish to create a textured finish which simulates stone. Before leaving Istanbul, where they are made using traditional techniques, these encaustic tiles are sealed to repel stains and to make cleaning easy.

This unique surface is not only practical, it is also very pleasing to the eye. It creates the impression of great age, and has the beauty of something that has been worn, weathered, and well-loved. Embellish your space with the mysterious charm of an eighteenth century chateau.

You can enjoy the same rich colours and exquisite designs of all our handmade Turkish cement tiles, and now with the added advantage of a non-slip, stain-resistant surface.