5 Home Improvement Ideas using Encaustic and Terrazzo Tiles for 2018
In 2018 the use of tiles in the home is going to be even more popular than ever before, as trends we’ve seen begin to rise over the last several years start to reach their peak, such as art deco styling, geometric patterns and the return to a classic decor look, over the post-modern home design trend that has ruled the roost, is dethroned.
Encaustic Tiles: The Pros and Cons You Should Know
Encaustic tiles have seen various resurgences over the years, first coming of use back in medieval times, originally made by using different colours of clay to form the patterns, rather than them being a product of the glaze. Many modern manufacturing methods of encaustic tiles use a two-shot moulding process, where the inlay colour is moulded first and then backfilled with body colour before the tiles are fired.
5 Ways to use Moroccan Fish Scale Tiles in your Home
With the new year, comes the basic human instinct to search out the new, and clean out the old, often manifesting itself in the form of home DIY projects. Helping you to create a new, fresh and warmer feel to your property after those dark winter months. And here at Otto Tiles, we provide you with a wide range of classic and traditionally crafted artisan Moroccan fish scale tiles, for those all-important decorating projects. And throughout this blog, we’ll show you five ways you can use these beautiful fish scale ceramic tiles in your home.
What are Encaustic Cement Tiles?
Whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home or the office, our encaustic cement tiles are perfect for making your property more sophisticated. Here at Otto Tiles, we supply an extensive range of encaustic tiles, incorporating various patterns and themes.