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Terracotta Gammon Encaustic Cement Tile

The game of Backgammon originated in the Middle East about 5,000 years ago. Step back in time as you walk on these exquisite beige and white encaustic floor tiles. Let their precise interlocking triangles remind us of the long history of one of the world’s oldest known board games and the ancient hand-made process that goes into elaborating these fine handmade encaustic cement floor tiles.
Available Size(s)
- 20cm x 20cm x 1.7cm
Please call for custom colours

4-6 weeks
Order Information
1 sqm in stock - The lead time is 2-3 days - shipping fee will be added

£5.05 excl VAT £4.00 excl VAT


Peach Herringbone Encaustic Cement Tile

Colour Code: 610

A herringbone pattern is made up of small rectangles arranged so they fancifully resemble the bones of a fish. When laid, these small rich peach handmade encaustic cement tiles form an attractive broken zig-zag design and the slight variations in the colour add extra charm. Sixty -six of these tiny encaustic tiles make up one square meter, and the depth of their colour layer means that they will never fade.
Available Size(s)
- 30cm x 5cm x 1.7cm
Please call for custom colours

4-6 weeks
Order Information
Minimum 5 square meter, approx. 335 tiles

If you need to order less than 5 sqm, please click the email address [] and GET IN TOUCH with us.

£80 shipping fee will be added orders under 5 sqm.

£1.88 excl VAT

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