Now it's time to reinvent our homes by making them beautiful and desirable. We always loved the summer times, to wander freely in the open air, to feel the sun on our face and to spend good times with friends. So what about bringing the summer sunset and joy to your home? Here is the Sunset Inspiration, inspired by summer and created by Sunset Stripes and Daphne...
Inspired by Earth... The Nude Collection tiles are crushed marble combined with quartz, polished and honed, and made without chemical substances. Nude Collection is available in various colours, a range of sizes and thicknesses.

Everything you should know about the encaustic cement tiles, terrazzo tiles, Moroccan zellige and bejmat tiles, Turkish tiles and how they are installed. Although DIY has become a popular trend in recent years, perfect tiling still requires a bit of mastery and experience. Please bear in mind, these installation tips are for general information purpose only. If you have no experience in tiling, we highly recommend an experienced tiler.

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