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Otto Tiles & Design Professional Account


Special prices and opportunities for architects, interior designers and major projects.

Otto Tiles & Design Professional Account

Professional Account Advantages

  • Purchase at least 10% less from the list price.

  • Get the first two sample tiles for free.

  • Get special rates and discounts on large projects.

  • Free project and product consultation.

  • Bespoke design and custom size production.

How to open a professional account?

Step 1
Register our website

Register our website with your business email. Check your inbox for the welcome message. You will receive your username and password.

Step 2
Complete Registration

Follow the My Account link on your email. Login with your username or email and temporary password. Add your details and complete your registration.

Step 3
Apply for a Professional Account

Fill the form and submit it. Your professional account application will be reviewed and answered within 5 days. Once you receive our confirmation email, you are ready to go…

Please do not use this form unless you are a registered website user. If you haven’t registered with our website, please register first. Unregistered user’s professional account applications aren’t eligible and will be ignored.

    Request a quote

    This quote form is for tile orders more than 30m2 or customers outside the United Kingdom. If you want to order tiles equal to or less than 30m2 please DO NOT USE THIS FORM, unless you are trying to order outside the UK. Instead, you can proceed with ADD TO BASKET and regular Checkout process to calculate the total order amount including shipping and taxes. You can also easily pay with your credit/debit card or Paypal and complete your order.