BT70 Handmade Turkish Ceramic Tile

Complete your order by adding these beautiful border tiles. Very Antique, very Istanbul and very Ottoman... Border tiles are being sold by linear meters and we stock them in the UK. In one linear meter there are 5 border tiles. All the Turkish Tile collection colours matches with the border tiles colours, feel free to mix and match. Corner tiles are FREE OF CHARGE!
£13.00 excl VAT


Why do you have a variety of selections for your tiles? Do they not all contain the same materials?
We have listed our products under different headings based on the collections that have inspired us. Except for the Urban and Hand Made collections, all our other products have the same thickness and dimensions. They are also suitable for patchwork since they share similar colour tones.
Where can I install my tiles?
These class of tiles are suitable to used only on the walls. They are suitable for outdoors as well as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets etc.

What are “hand painted” tiles?
There is a special production process for our handmade ceramic tiles: The design of each tile is hand drawn and painted and later the surface is glazed. We are completely loyal to the Ottoman art and production techniques which trace its roots back to the 16th century. The handmade tiles of the Topkapi Palace still remain perfectly intact even after 400 years and have lost nothing from their beauty. Just like our handmade tiles…

Can you produce my bespoke pattern on ceramics?
We will be happy to do so! Just contact our team members with your choice of bespoke design pattern and we will assist you with pricing and lead time.
What is the thickness of your tiles?
Our Istanbul, Iznik, V&A and Urban Collection’s tiles all have dimensions of 20×20 with 0.7cm of thickness.

When can I cancel my order?
We have a policy to cancel in 24hours for all the collections expect hand painted, which only have 3 hours of cancellation.


Products specifications
Material Ceramic
Type Modern
Room Kitchen Bathroom Hallway
Usage Wall
Application Area Small Big
Products specifications
Material Ceramic
Type Modern
Room Kitchen Bathroom Hallway
Usage Wall
Application Area Small Big
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GC3 Handmade Turkish Ceramic Tile

An exciting and unusual mixture of delicate, ancient and iconic Turkish florals with bright and bold block colours and even striking abstract design, the Istanbul tile collection, like the city itself, combines both the traditional and contemporary. Electric blues, glorious vibrant reds and muted petrol blues make up this wonderful selection of glazed wall tiles which are sure to create envy amongst visitors to your home.
Available Size(s)
- 20cm x 20cm x 0.6cm
Please call for custom colours

2-3 days
Order Information
Minimum 1 square meter, approx. 25 tiles
£4.00 excl VAT