Hex Plain Yellow Hexagon Encaustic Cement Tile

Colour Code: 607

Hex Plain Yellow Hexagon Encaustic Cement Tile is a handmade high quality Moroccan encaustic cement tile, ideal for beautiful interiors, kitchens, bathrooms, walls, floors, restaurants, bars and other commercial properties.
Available Size(s)
- 11.54 x 11.54 x 1.7cm
(across flats 20x20x1,7 cm / across corners 23x23x1,7 cm)

Please call for custom colours

4-6 weeks
Order Information
Minimum 5 square meter, approx. 145 tiles

If you need to order less than 5 sqm, please click the email address [] and GET IN TOUCH with us.

£80 shipping fee will be added orders under 5 sqm.

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Delivery date: 4-6 weeks
£4.26 excl VAT
This product has a minimum quantity of 145

Total Price: £ 617

Individually hand crafted, these lovely products are created by our artisans without using clay, glazes or kilns. Instead we use high quality Turkish cement sand with natural stones granule and colour pigments.

Each tile is hand-pressed to apply the coloured design, each mould having been de- signed by the Armenian Masters. Because they are hand-made, there will be slight variations, even ‘imperfections’, but that’s part of their charm and their timeless look.

Turkish stone granules Portland cement Fine sand
Natural colour pigments and finally, love

What makes Istanbul made cement tiles special?
We take the long forgotten old tiles and reproduce them using traditional production methods with the expertise of our Armenian craftsmen and their special moulds. We are especially inspired by the modern geometrical shapes. In contrast to our competitors in other countries which use a 2 mm colour layer on their products, we use a 8 mm colour layer and we guarantee the 100 % durability of our designs and colours long years to come. We bring together the rich cultural heritage of Anatolia and Mesopotamia with a modern style and invite you to leave the familiar patterns behind and join us in our vision of East meets West.

We also proudly declare that our designs reflect the richness of our culture and our land which have been the home of many different civilizations since time immemorial. Many of our designs are created from the moulds of archaeological findings, combined with a modern art perspective and result in one-of-a-kind patterns and colours.

With the expert lead of your Armenian master craftsmen we took the traditional tiles that have still been sitting on dusty shelves 200 years ago, reopened the doors of the ateliers that had been closing one after the other, brought these ateliers back to life with innovative engineering techniques and thus a brand-new collection was created.

What are “grinded” and “pre-soaped” cement tiles?
The cement tiles that have Spanish, Vietnamese and Moroccan origin are manufactured by compressing the moulds with the cement. In contrast, we bring our ingredients together and press the tiles under a 30 tonne force in a press machine. Our tiles boast a colours layer of 8 mm and a width of 200mm – in comparison to other tiles of 2 mm colour layer. It is important to note that such tiles which are not grinded are very difficult to clean and would look dirty since the pores on their surfaces are completely susceptible to absorb any dirt or dust.

Luckily for those who value durability, Otto Tiles provide a grinded finish on the cement surface with the help of a marble grind machine and this service is complementary with all our cement tile orders. Your tiles will be resistant against the surface dirt and will begin their inherent patina right away. The grinding process is finished with the application of the oil based Ottoman Soap which helps to block all the pores on the surface and nurture the texture of the tiles. On the other hand, the application of a sealant after the installation is still recommended.

How am I going to clean my cement tiles?
Our cement tiles are very easy to clean. With the help of our specifically manufactured cream-soft Ottoman Soap, your tiles will look shiny, healthy and will enjoy a long period of life.

It is also advisable to use lukewarm water, soft soap or non-acidic detergents to bring your tiles back to life. Cleaning agents which contain acidic materials should never be used on the cement tiles for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

Our in-high-demand Otto Soap is a concentrated natural cleaning product and contains natural oils which help to block the pores on your tiles and protect the surface from dirt. It is suitable to be used on all kinds of other surfaces and will nurture your handmade tiles as well as your wood based products.

When shall I expect the delivery?
The lead time of your order will vary according to the square meter and the difficulty of the pattern of your choice of tile. Please contact our team for detailed information and advice.

How can I change the colours of my tiles?
Your preference and personal choice of style is our command: Go ahead and select your favourite pattern and your desired colours from our colour scale. Our team members will be ready to help you create your own bespoke design pattern. When you finalize your choice, just sit back, enjoy yourself and we will create the tiles specifically designed for you.

Will you produce my own bespoke design?
Of course! We work in direct collaboration with our Armanian Masters who still use the handcrafted steel mould which has been passed down from father to son for many generations. If you send us the patterns of your choice up to 100 square meters, we will send you the mould production quote above 100 square meters which you will have for free!

What will happen if my order arrives broken/damaged?
If there is any damage done to your product, let us know immediately and we will request a reclaim from the transportation company, sending you a new order of products free of charge.

Would you ship worldwide?
Definitely. Just tell us the square meter of your order and your delivery address which will help us determine a price for the shipping cost and we will contact you with the shipping info the next day.

Why should I order 10% up to 15% more than what my measurements need?
According to our experiences, there is approximately 2% to %3 expected breakage or damage during the installation or sometimes transportation. B
What is the minimum amount of tiles I can order?
A minimum of 10 square meters for our handmade cement tiles.

Can I cancel my order?
After it has been placed, you will have a maximum of 3 hours to cancel your order. Also, please note that our artists’ tiles are not eligible for refunds or exchanges.

Where can I install my cement tiles?
Well, take your pick! As we proudly mention once again, due to the grinded surface and 8 mm colour layers of the Otto tiles, our products are suitable to be installed in various places and on various surfaces: Indoor and outdoor walls and floors, restaurant and coffee shops, kitchen and bathroom walls and surfaces, on surfaces that are exposed to both heat and cold, in commercial and residential buildings, in construction processes such as backsplash etc.

Will the cement tiles be slippery?
No, our tiles are not slippery. They can be safely installed on bathroom and kitchen floors and walls.

Products specifications
Type Hexagonal Modern Classic Cuban Mediterranean
Room Kitchen Bathroom Hallway Outdoor
Usage Wall Floor
Application Area Big Small
Products specifications
Type Hexagonal Modern Classic Cuban Mediterranean
Room Kitchen Bathroom Hallway Outdoor
Usage Wall Floor
Application Area Big Small