Plain Tiles

Our high-quality plain colour tiles present a wide range of usage alternative. Plain tiles are the perfect complimentary product to be used beside our patterned cement tiles.

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Marmalade Encaustic Cement Tile

Everyone loves marmalade on their toast, and you will love this warm orange shade on your floor also. These handmade encaustic cement tiles are individually hand-crafted using natural pigments and the colour will never wear off due to the thickness of the colour layer. Furthermore, the different shade gradients and slight variations of the tone, create a warm, welcoming effect, and these encaustic tiles are full of charm, personality and character.
Available Size(s)
- 20cm x 20cm x 1.7cm
Please call for custom colours

4-6 weeks
Order Information
Minimum 5 square meter, approx. 125 tiles
£4.00 excl VAT £3.20 excl VAT

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