Formia Terrazzo Tile is a high-quality terrazzo tile for beautiful indoors, homes and commercial terrazzo tile applications such as restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs. Our premium terrazzo tile collection consists of the UK’s finest terrazzo tiles. Discover our premium terrazzo tile collection.

Order Information: Minimum 30 square meters

Available Sizes (WxHxD) cm:
50x30x2, 60x30x2, 60x40x2, 30x30x2, 40x40x2 60x60x2, 50x50x2, 25x25x2, 20x20x2 50x30x3, 60x30x3, 60x40x3, 30x30x3, 40x40x3 60x60x3, 50x50x3, 25x25x3, 20x20x3 50x30x4, 60x30x4, 60x40x4, 30x30x4, 40x40x4 60x60x4, 50x50x4, 25x25x4, 20x20x4 80x40x3, 80x60x3, 120x60x3 80x40x4, 80x60x4, 120x60x4 100x100x3, 120x120x3, 80x80x3, 90x90x3 100x100x4, 120x120x4, 80x80x4, 90x90x4
Compressive Strength: from 70 to 100 N/mm²
Bending Resistance: 9,1 N/mm²=MPA
Abrasion Resistance: 16,6 cm³/50cm²
Water Absorption: 2,9 M%
Classification of Anti Slip Properties: R9
Fire Resistance: A1 fl not flammable
Specific Gravity: 2.600 kg/m³
Application Area: Walls and Floors
Usage: Indoor only
Finish: Honed, Brushed or Sanded
Delivery: 6-7 weeks
Order Information: Minimum 30 square meters

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SKU: FOR-8220-TERRA Categories:
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 1.8 cm
Application Area



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