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Medusa Encaustic Cement Tile

The Medusa of Greek mythology was a winged woman with hair of seething venomous snakes. Those who looked at her were turned to stone. Those who gaze at our Medusa cement tiles won’t suffer the same fate, but they may well be stunned by the rich warm natural colours and the crisp geometric design of these exquisite handcrafted encaustic tiles.
Available Size(s)
- 20cm x 20cm x 1.7cm
Please call for custom colours

4-6 weeks
Order Information
Minimum 5 square meter, approx. 125 tiles

If you need to order less than 5 sqm, please click the email address [] and GET IN TOUCH with us.

£80 shipping fee will be added orders under 5 sqm.

£5.36 excl VAT

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