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Hittite Aubergine Encaustic Cement Tile

The Hittite Empire encompassed a huge area of what is now Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon and embraced many peoples of different ethnicities who lived together in peace and harmony. These bi-colour handmade encaustic cement tiles reflect that in the way that they fit together to create a magnificent overall design. Additionally, the neutral, natural colours of these encaustic tiles make them perfect to complement a wide variety of decors and furnishings.
Available Size(s)
- 20cm x 20cm x 1.7cm
Please call for custom colours

4-6 weeks
Order Information
Minimum 5 square meter, approx. 125 tiles

If you need to order less than 5 sqm, please click the email address [] and GET IN TOUCH with us.

£80 shipping fee will be added orders under 5 sqm.

£5.26 excl VAT

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